Pregnant Women

Tobacco Use and Pregnancy

Every day you do not use tobacco while pregnant allows more the oxygen to reach your baby and helps the baby grow. A baby that is born too small or too early often faces many health challenges. Even a weight increase of a half-pound can make the difference between a healthy baby and a baby who needs to stay at the hospital for a while and needs costly care.

Since pregnancy is a special time for you, there are programs and materials to help you quit tobacco.

Nicotine in e-cigarettes can harm your baby's brain

QuitlineNC's Program for Expectant and New Mothers

QuitlineNC has a special program just for women planning or experiencing a pregnancy who use tobacco products (including vapes) and new mothers. Here is information on this free, effective program. QuitlineNC Pregnancy Brochure 

You Quit, Two Quit

You Quit, Two Quit is a North Carolina program that can give you information and materials about tobacco use during pregnancy and how Quit for your health/your wallet and your baby's. You can download information on quitting during pregnancy, staying quit after the baby is born, secondhand smoke and your baby and the truth about e-cigarettes and vaping during pregnancy.

Smoking Cessation Video

In this N.C. Healthy Start video, a former smoker discusses her motivations for quitting and the steps she took to quit. The video includes tips and resources on how to become smoke-free.