Readiness Ruler

The Readiness Ruler can assist in:

  • Assessing a patient's "willingness or readiness to change."
  • Determining where a patient is on the continuum between "not prepared to change" and "already changing."
  • Promoting the identification and discussion of perceived barriers to change.

The ruler represents a continuum from "not prepared to change" on the left, to "already changing" on the right. How it works:

  1. Patients are asked to mark on the line their current position in the change process.
  2. Providers should then question patients about why they did not place the mark further to the left (which helps to determine what motivates their behavior), and what it would take to move the line further to the right (which helps to determine their perceived barriers).
  3. Providers can ask patients for suggestions about ways to overcome barriers and steps they can take before the next visit.

Readiness Ruler

Download the Readiness Ruler Worksheet