The 5 As

We have developed a series of treatment algorithms for quick navigation through the 5As counseling method, detailing approximate length of time to complete each step. Select to view the appropriate treatment algorithm for your patient:

Arrange follow-up with patients

Arranging can take as little as 1 minute and is an important component of the 5 As. To arrange and ensure consistent follow-up with patients who have set a quit date:

  • Follow-up should occur soon after the quit date, preferably during the first week.
  • A second follow-up contact is recommended within the first month.
  • Schedule further follow-up contacts as indicated.

Keep in mind that nothing can replace the involvement of the health care provider giving personal follow-up in patients' quit attempts.

Actions during follow-up contact:

  • Identify problems already encountered and anticipate future challenges.
  • Offer patient materials to reinforce the cessation message.
  • Assess medication use.
  • Remind patients of the free QuitlineNC service (1-800-QUIT-NOW).
  • For patients who are abstinent or have made some progress, congratulate success.
  • If tobacco use has occurred, discuss triggers, and ask for commitment to total abstinence